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Photography Basics

Everything about photography

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LightRoom course - Video

Everything about LightRoom

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Basic course for kids - Video


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Free Silhouette 360º eWorkshop

Everything about silhouettes

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iPhone Photography - Free!

FreeTrix iPhone

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FlashBasiX 360º eWorkshop


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Basic course for kids - Video

Robine and I will take you to different locations and will show you which settings to use when, but also which standpoint gives you the best result. I will also learn you how your flash is working and many other cool tricks.

Lesson 1: Introduction and autofocus
Lesson 2: Standpoints
Lesson 3: Depth of field
Lesson 4: Freezing motion
Lesson 5: Front or backlight
Lesson 6: Flash photography

 Robine: "Super exciting and learned a lot (but also ROFL).".

What do you need?

A camera which you can set manually, best is a DSLR, a system camera or a mirrorless camera. All brands will do.

Prices differ between EU and non-EU countries, 39 euro in EU en 32 euro outside EU, due to tax regulations.

€19,00 6 interactive lessons

Video only.

€39,00 6 interactive lessons

Including coaching.