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Photography Basics

Everything about photography

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LightRoom course - Video

Everything about LightRoom

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Everything about photography

Photography Basics

These online lessons are for everyone who wants to be a better photographer and who wants to get the most out of their camera. No more shooting in automatic mode, but taking charge of the camera. You will determine the outcome yourself by applying the correct settings for each situation.

In 10 lessons, you will, via the video, go with me in the field to learn all basics of photography. In many different settings you will get to know you camera and the photography principles step by step. Again and again you will learn new aspects and you will practise it by carrying out assignments.

You have the option 'Video only' or 'Including coaching'. If you choose with coaching you will get acces to the eCommunity. And on the eCommunity I will be your personal coach.

Each step you take will be linked to the previous step and at the end of the eWorkshop the quality of your pictures is dramatically improved.

After each lesson will see your personal growth and you will also learn from other participants, to reach a higher level of photography.

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Lesson 1: Introduction and autofocus
Lesson 2: Autofocus moving subject, whitebalance and ISO
Lesson 3: Lightmeter
Lesson 4: Spotmeter
Lesson 5: Histogram
Lesson 6: Aperture
Lesson 7: More depth of field
Lesson 8: Freezing action
Lesson 9: Dynamics of motion blus
Lesson 10: Panning
Lesson 11: Wrap up

Frenk after lesson 1: "In only 15 minutes I learned more from you, than in the 8 years before.".

Arjan: "Photography is not automatic anymore, but feels more naturally.".

What do you need?

For this eWorkshop you need a DSLR, system camera or a mirrorless camera (each brand/type will do), with the possibilty to change all setting. You do not need any photography knowledge to start the eWorkshop.

Price in EU countries (89 euro) differs from non-EU countries (69 euro) because of tax regulations. IP address is used to match country of user to country in user information. Filling in wrong country in user information can lead to lock of account.

€59,00 11 interactive lessons

Video only.

€89,00 11 interactive lessons

Including coaching.